The climate change levy (CCL) exemption scheme for renewables is now closed. March 2013 was the last month of generation for which a CHPQA accredited station was eligible to receive Combined Heat and Power (CHP) LECs, and July 2015 was the last month of generation eligible for Renewable LECs. Please see our CCL exemption removed FAQs for more details.

Information for agents

An agent may be appointed by the operator of a generating station to act on their behalf to carry out the administrative aspects of the CCL scheme relating to generation before 1 August 2015. This includes:

  • administering a station’s accreditation
  • signing declarations
  • submitting output data
  • receiving LECs on behalf of the operator.

We’ll only work with an agent where we have received written permission from the operator of the generating station.

We request that operators use our Agent Appointment Form for this process. This must be on company headed paper and signed by the operator of the generating station. The agent may then register for a generator account on the Renewables and CHP Register.

If, as the operator of a generating station, you wish to retain control of your account, you may instead add the agent as a contact to your account. The agent may perform all administrative functions within your account but you must sign all relevant declarations. You will not need to submit an Agent Appointment Form if you choose to do this.