Our role in offshore transmission

In collaboration with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), we established a regulatory regime for offshore transmission networks. The regime is designed to ensure offshore renewable generation projects are economically and efficiently connected to Britain’s electricity grid.

A key part of the regime is the granting of offshore transmission licences on the basis of a competitive Tender Process. We are responsible for managing this process.

Legal framework for competitive tender process

The Electricity Act 1989 allows Ofgem to make regulations for competitive tenders for offshore licences. The regulations are subject to approval by the Secretary of State and underpin the competitive tender process used to grant offshore transmission licences.

The regulations currently applicable are the Electricity (Competitive Tender for Offshore Transmission Licences) Regulations 2015. These regulations set out the process that is to be followed by all parties involved in the tender process.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 24th Aug 2020
  • Closed: 30th Sep 2020
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Open letter from BEIS and Ofgem calling for stakeholder views by 30 September 2020 to support the Offshore Transmission Network Review launched on 15 July 2020.

  • Published: 10th Jul 2020
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See the Blue Transmission Walney 2 Limited – Direction under paragraph 9 of Amended Standard Condition E12-J4.

  • Published: 3rd Jun 2020
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WoDS Transmission plc – Direction on Exceptional Event claim submitted under Amended Standard Condition E12-J4.

  • Published: 23rd Mar 2017
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Gwynt y Mor OFTO plc – Decision on exceptional event claim submitted under Amended Standard Condition E12-J4

  • Published: 4th Feb 2016
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The Authority's final decision is that as of and from the date of the decision the certification for the following should be continued.