The Energy Act

Energy Act 2013: Generator Commissioning Clause

The generator build model allows offshore wind farm developers to build the transmission infrastructure needed to transmit energy to shore and export power. As part of this developers export some power to test and commission the transmission assets to facilitate acceptance transfer of the assets to an Offshore Transmission Operator (OFTO). Developers also export electricity during the finalisation of the tender process to transfer the assets to an OFTO.

The Generator Commissioning Clause is part of the Energy Act 2013. The Clause allows developers to transmit electricity without a licence for 18 months from the point that a completion notice is issued, signalling that the transmission assets are available for the purposes of transmission. This enables developers to commission the transmission assets for their offshore generating stations before transferring them to an OFTO.

Following consultation, we decided that the completion notice should be issued at the point when the system operator (SO) has issued a notification allowing the developer to export active power (the Interim Operational Notification Part B) for the final stage of the transmission system. To implement the Generator Commissioning Clause, we made modifications to the SO's electricity transmission licence and to two industry codes (the Grid Code and the Connection and Use of System Code). The Generator Commissioning Clause came into force on 10 June 2014.

More information on the implementation of the Clause can be found in our Decision on implementation of the Generator Commissioning Clause in the Energy Act 2013.