European-wide initiatives

Britain’s National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) connects to the European network at four different points: France, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, through interconnectors. The NETS is subject to national planning and regulation as well as EU legislation and European Network Codes.

Regional Initiatives

We play an active role in the Electricity Regional Initiatives Project that was initially launched in 2006 as an interim step to speed up the integration of Europe's national electricity markets.

The implementation of EU legislation called the Third Energy Package which seeks to liberalise European energy markets, combined with the strong commitment by European Member States to complete the internal energy market by 2014, adds further impetus to the project. 

North Seas Countries Offshore Grid Initiative

The North Seas Countries Offshore Grid Initiative (NSCOGI) is a framework for regional cooperation to find common solutions to questions related to current and possible future grid infrastructure developments in the North Seas. Under the initiative EU Member States are encouraged to work together, with energy regulators, the European Commission and Transmission System Operators to explore the potential for the coordinated development of offshore grids in the North and Irish Seas. We are part of the regulators group which supports this initiative.

NSCOGI has links to the Integrated Transmission Planning & Regulation project, as it is considering some of the issues being addressed by ITPR on a broader European Scale.

Stakeholder Engagement

For stakeholders with an interest in European activities that influence Great Britain’s National Electricity Transmission System, further information is also available on the DECC and Ofgem Stakeholder Group and Florence Forum pages.