Retail market

Our priority is to protect customers’ interests. One way in which we do this is through the promotion of effectively functioning competitive markets.

We help markets operate more effectively by removing barriers, for example by ensuring there is greater transparency of information to all parties including customers.

When necessary, we use our powers to monitor and address any anti-competitive behaviour or practices which may affect the market.

The Electricity Retail Markets section contains information on the following areas of our work:

  • The GB Electricity Retail Market – an overview of how the GB market works
  • Market review and reform – information on promoting smarter energy markets, as well as the Metering Arrangements Review and our work on prevention of electricity theft
  • Metering – an insight into how the roll-out of smart meters to homes and businesses has the potential to transform how the retail market operates to the benefit of consumers as well as information on metrology and meter installation
  • Forums, seminars and working groups relating to electricity retail market issues
  • Retail market monitoring - to increase transparency and improve trust, we publish a wide range of information on the retail markets and how they are working. This includes data on trends in suppliers’ profits, prices and consumer engagement.