Open letter: Improving customer data and the database remedy


Publication date

Industry sector

Supply and Retail Market

It is important that suppliers have accurate customer data and good systems in place which make it easy for the customer or a party they authorise to access their customer data.  This is essential if we are to have a fully functioning and effective retail energy market that works for all consumers.  It should enable people to make informed choices and to switch supplier quickly and reliably.

This letter sets out the steps we are taking and expect suppliers to take to achieve this aim.  It also provides larger suppliers with notice that we expect them to be ready to transfer relevant customer data to us by April 2018 in order for us to create the database envisaged by the CMA remedy.  This will entail a significant data cleanse process for large suppliers. This letter provides lead time for this exercise. 

We will update all other suppliers on the processes that will apply to them in summer next year.