Number of accounts with a consumer repaying an energy debt


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Source: Vulnerability Report 2019.

Information correct as of: September 2019

This chart shows the number of domestic gas and electricity customers per thousand accounts who are repaying a debt to their supplier between Q1 2006 and Q4 2018.

Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Number of accounts with a consumer repaying an energy debt
Q1 20069771,262
Q2 200611931,304
Q3 20069601,319
Q4 20067861,208
Q1 20079171,294
Q2 200710371,341
Q3 20079591,341
Q4 20077851,293
Q1 20087691,004
Q2 20088221,025
Q3 2008709980
Q4 2008646952
Q1 20098731,139
Q2 20099641,173
Q3 20099181,089
Q4 20097261,006
Q1 2010673910
Q2 2010838989
Q3 2010839953
Q4 2010711854
Q1 2011731866
Q2 2011864921
Q3 2011811870
Q4 2011691779
Q1 2012730799
Q2 2012868940
Q3 2012829930
Q4 2012802901
Q1 2013885982
Q2 20131,0021,034
Q3 20131,0121,046
Q4 20139361,017
Q1 2014837902
Q2 2014836899
Q3 2014808874
Q4 2014759840
Q1 2015716799
Q2 2015727798
Q3 2015703777
Q4 2015654745
Q1 2016654754
Q2 2016636722
Q3 2016617710
Q4 2016577681
Q1 2017567673
Q2 2017569672
Q3 2017559667
Q4 2017539652
Q1 2018555675
Q2 2018571686
Q3 2018564680
Q4 2018544661

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At-a-glance summary

This chart shows the number of domestic customers who are repaying a debt to their supplier on their gas or electricity account. In 2018, this has fallen slightly by around 10,000 for both electricity and gas (to 2.3% and 2.4% of customers respectively).

Relevance and further information

The number of customer accounts repaying an energy debt has been decreasing since 2006, when nearly 5% of electricity customers and over 4.5% of gas customers were repaying a debt. There was a peak in Q2 and Q3 2013, but the downward trend continued after this, reaching around 650,000 customers for electricity (2.4%) and 540,000 customers for gas (2.3%). The seasonal effects that were present up to 2013, whereby there was a drop in Q4/Q1 and a rise in Q2/Q3 has become almost insignificant since 2014, which is likely to be due to the reduction in the number of customers paying quarterly.


This data reports the number of customers who have a debt repayment arrangement with their supplier on the last day of the quarter. These are customers who have entered a formal arrangement with their supplier to repay outstanding debts, including all prepayment (PPM) customers repaying a debt, and non-PPM customers on debt repayment arrangements extending beyond 91 days/13 weeks. It does not include those customers with a debit at the end of a payment scheme that will be rolled into a new payment scheme and those who have had their payments increased because previous payments were set too low. All customers on payment schemes (including direct debit) are excluded once the initial debt has been repaid.

Date correct
September 2019
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