Customer satisfaction: Overall customer service (GB)


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Information correct as of: Novermber 2020

This chart shows the proportion of domestic energy consumers who are satisfied or very satisfied with the level of customer service from their energy supplier. This chart is updated quarterly and is split by large, medium and small suppliers and also shows overall market satisfaction. 

The data comes from a survey conducted for Ofgem by Accent Research. This survey started in 2018 and is conducted every quarter. We use feedback from this survey to inform compliance engagement with individual suppliers, where appropriate.

The question asked in the survey which relates to this chart is:

Overall, how dissatisfied or satisfied are you with the customer service you have received from [supplier name].


Policy Areas:

  • Electricity - retail markets
  • Gas - retail markets

Data Table

Customer satisfaction: Overall customer service (GB)
QuarterLarge suppliersMedium suppliersSmall suppliersOverall market
Q4 201872797474
Q1 201972757173
Q2 201971776172
Q3 201972776772
Q4 201971786972
Q1 202070747371
Q2 202072797774
Q3 202072747573

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This data comes from a dedicated energy satisfaction survey commissioned by Ofgem in conjunction with Citizens Advice. It is a quarterly survey of 3,200 domestic energy consumers around Great Britain. The survey measures consumer satisfaction with their energy supplier across different dimensions of satisfaction, such as customer service, billing, contacting suppliers, and switching processes.

Some consumers use different suppliers for electricity and gas. If a consumer has electricity and gas in their home and uses the same supplier for both fuels, then their answers relate to that supplier. If they have both fuels but use a different supplier for each, they are randomly allocated to one of the suppliers, and they then answer the survey about that supplier. If they have electricity only, then their answers relate to the electricity supplier.

The survey commenced in Q4 2018. It uses a mixed mode methodology to collect data. In each wave, 300 interviews are completed face to face for those consumers with low or no internet access, while the remainder of the work is conducted via an online survey.  All satisfaction metrics are answered on a five point scale: very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, satisfied, and very satisfied. Ease of contact is answered on a different five point scale, as follows: very difficult, fairly difficult, neither easy nor difficult, fairly easy, and very easy.

The figures in the chart are split by supplier size groups – large, medium, and small. From Q3 2020 the following classification applies: the category ‘large’ refers to those suppliers whose market share exceeds 5% in at least one fuel, ‘medium’ is for those exceeding 1% in at least one fuel, but remaining below 5% in both fuels and ‘small’ for suppliers with market share below 1% in both fuels.

The figures show aggregated results for customers of the suppliers in each group.

The Q3 2020 survey is a GB representative sample of domestic energy bill payers. It covers all suppliers in the market.

  • Large suppliers include: British Gas (including all white label brands), E.ON, EDF Energy, npower, Scottish Power, OVO (including SSE and other white labels), Octopus Energy (including Co-operative Energy and other white labels), and Bulb.
  • Medium suppliers: Avro, Shell Energy, Utility Warehouse, Green Network Energy and Utilita.
  • Small suppliers: all other suppliers. 

Please note that Octopus Energy and Bulb were included in the group of medium suppliers from Q4 2008 to Q2 2020.

Date correct
Novermber 2020
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