Complaints received by all suppliers per 100,000 customer accounts (GB)


Source: Supplier data.

Information correct as of: November 2017

This chart shows the total number of complaints received quarterly by each energy supplier group per 100,000 customer accounts between Q1 2014 and Q3 2017.

Green Star Energy & Economy Energy started submiting in Q3 2015 & Q2 2015 respectively. 

We now include Extra Energy in the group of small suppliers, as their gas and electricity customer account numbers have each declined below 250k since Q4 2016.

The chart includes data for OVO that the company reported incorrectly between Q4 2015 and Q3 2017, which is currently under revision.

Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Complaints received by all suppliers per 100,000 customer accounts (GB)

QuarterSix large suppliersMedium-sized suppliersSmall-sized suppliers
Q1 20143,7962,6401,241
Q2 20143,6511,143991
Q3 20143,4041,0221,111
Q4 20143,5551,2051,579
Q1 20153,5981,4161,030
Q2 20152,9051,001651
Q3 20152,6311,053669
Q4 20152,1171,095873
Q1 20161,9711,432882
Q2 20161,8691,437751
Q3 20161,7451,267754
Q4 20161,8271,4361,039
Q1 20171,9831,8681,230
Q2 20171,9591,880953
Q3 20172,0161,541938
Date correct
November 2017
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