Complaints received by all suppliers per 100,000 customer accounts (GB)


Source: Supplier data.

Information correct as of: November 2020

This chart shows the total number of complaints received quarterly by each energy supplier group per 100,000 customer accounts between Q2 2014 and Q3 2020.

In each quarter, we update the suppliers included in each group, reflecting new entries and exits from the domestic market during the same period. We also add those existing suppliers for which a historic trend of complaints data has become available. 

From Q3 2020, the following classification applies: the category ‘large’ refers to those suppliers whose market share exceeds 5% in at least one fuel, ‘medium’ is for those exceeding 1% in at least one fuel, but remaining below 5% in both fuels and ‘small’ for suppliers with market share below 1% in both fuels.

As of September 2020, the chart includes complaints for the following suppliers: large (British Gas, EDF, E.on, nPower, Scottish Power, Ovo, Bulb, Octopus Energy), medium (Avro Energy, Green Network Energy, Shell Energy, Utilita, Utility Warehouse) and a selection of twenty-nine small suppliers (Affect Energy, Bristol Energy, Daligas, Ecotricity, Enstroga, E, Entice Energy, ESB Energy, Foxglove, Good Energy, GoTo Energy, Green, Green Energy UK, Gulf Gas & Power UK, Igloo Energy, Nabuh Energy, Orbit Energy, PFP Energy, Pure Planet, Robin Hood Energy, Simplicity Energy, So Energy, Social Energy, Together Energy, Tonik Energy, Utility Point, Yorkshire Energy, Zebra Power, Zog Energy).

In January 2020, E.on acquired nPower but the migration of customers is still ongoing. For this reason, in Q3 2020, complaints data for the two companies is shown separately.

As of Q3 2020, Shell Energy’s complaints also include those for Green Star Energy, which Shell acquired in Q4 2019.

The above list includes suppliers that have exited the market very recently (Bristol Energy, Robin Hood Energy and Tonik Energy). These changes will be reflected in the next quarterly update.


Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Complaints received by all suppliers per 100,000 customer accounts (GB)
Q2 2014365111439923520
Q3 20143404102211133270
Q4 20143556120515753415
Q1 20153598141610293444
Q2 2015290510016522702
Q3 2015263110376892448
Q4 2015211711648911997
Q1 2016197115338841897
Q2 2016186916156851808
Q3 2016174516186591697
Q4 20161827199310151819
Q1 20171983231012861999
Q2 20171959198911031933
Q3 20172016171910231943
Q4 20171902166111321843
Q1 20181963150111321872
Q2 20182046145212521938
Q3 2018216111757941951
Q4 20182092143412441948
Q1 20192157133313331993
Q2 20192023111411141808
Q3 2019197484920121723
Q4 2019171895314971523
Q1 20201,6827141,7951,491
Q2 20201,0617551,8091,042
Q3 20201,4791,0958271,388
Date correct
November 2020
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