Life at Ofgem

We are a diverse and vibrant organisation, with the majority of our staff working in our London (Canary Wharf) and Glasgow city centre offices.

Listen to what our staff say about working at Ofgem:

We aim to attract, support, retain and motivate our staff by making sure that they have the skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively and provide them with development opportunities to build a career.

We offer a variety of formal training courses, on-the-job training, coaching and other development activities. There is also a comprehensive management development programme and support for further education and professional qualifications.

The roles we offer

The focus of our remit means that we can provide excellent opportunities for economists and lawyers. In addition to this, we have many policy, general operational and support roles across a range of areas from finance to communications, strategy to information technology and project management, and research to human resources.

Our organisation is structured against five directorates whose main areas of work comprise:

Consumers and Markets 


Our consumers teams cover some of the hottest topics in industry, government and the media. Our work covers questions such as: Are energy bills too high? How can we get more consumers interested in switching supplier? How can the retail market support our low-carbon objectives? How should consumers be protected in this fast-changing environment, including consumers in vulnerable circumstances, with smart meters to be in every home by 2020?


Our markets teams ensure that Britain’s wholesale and supply energy markets work effectively to the benefit of consumers. We work to promote competition, drive consistency and provide a better understanding of our impact on energy consumers and businesses. When necessary, we use our powers to monitor and address any anti-competitive behaviour or practices.

Systems and Networks


Our systems teams protect consumers’ interests by setting and enforcing the licence conditions that all energy transmission and distribution companies must abide by. This work helps us take an end-to-end view of the energy system, including how the systems integrate, wholesale markets, and legal and wholesale market conduct.


Our Networks teams are responsible for managing over £80bn of investment in gas and electricity networks over the next 10 years. We set price controls for energy network operators to safeguard future investment and incentivise companies to accommodate the decarbonisation of the energy sector. We play a key role in ensuring safe, secure, high quality electricity and gas network services at value for money to existing and future consumers.


Corporate services 

Our corporate services directorate comprises our communications team and corporate functions. Our communications teams cover media, digital and design, external and stakeholder relations, investor relations, internal communications and our consumer affairs contact centre. Our corporate functions cover key areas such as information management and technology, finance, procurement, building services and human resources.

Secretariat and governance

Our secretariat and governance team comprise the administrative support functions to our chair and chief executive’s office, alongside those to our governing body the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA).   


Through our e-serve teams we administer the government’s key green energy and social schemes covering renewable generation and domestic energy efficiency incentives. These schemes are a core part of the government’s climate change programme and are integral to meeting our greenhouse gas emissions targets.

User Centred Data Services

Our User Centred Data Services team was formed to transform our approach to working with and creating value from our data. 

This cross functional team is made up of product leads, software engineers, user researchers, QA testers, business and data analysts and uses an agile approach to delivery. The team provides Data as a Service (DaaS) through developing and maintaining an enterprise data platform for use by the energy industry and the entirety of Ofgem.

Office of Research and Economics 

Our research and economics office supports the organisation on impact assessments and quality assurance of their calculations and models. We also recruit economists to work across Ofgem and create a stronger economics community. We have developed a Future Insights programme, analysing diverse subjects from the future of low-carbon heat to local energy.

While economics sits at the heart of what we do, we also conduct important research to inform our work. Our Steering Committee provides a unified approach to energy sector research across Ofgem and outside the organisation. Our research capabilities include a Customer Behavioural Insights team, who are experts in understanding consumer and organisational behaviour.

Office of General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) comprises all the legal teams across Ofgem, headed by the General Counsel. This enables us to work more flexibly across boundaries to meet the changing demands of the energy sector.

The legal teams are located across the three Directorates (Delivery, Consumers and Markets and Systems and Networks) to take advantage of close working relationships with policy and delivery colleagues.

You can see our structure in our Organisation chart. Or head to our About us section for more on the remit of our work.