Ofgem and Europe

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

We support the vision of a competitive, secure and sustainable European energy market that brings affordable and secure energy supplies to consumers.

We are working within the European Regulators' organisations (CEER and ACER) to develop the requirements of a comprehensive regulatory framework for cross-border competition and investment.

Why do European developments matter?

  • We are physically connected to Europe through sub-sea pipes and wires meaning that European energy prices have a major influence here.
  • Legally, we are subject to EU legislation and policy-making that has an increasing impact on consumers and markets in Britain.
  • The creation of transparent, integrated and liberalised European gas and electricity markets would contribute to higher levels of competition, thus reducing energy prices for consumers. It would also result in the diversification of supply, increasing the security of supply and contributing to safe and stable provision of gas and electricity to British consumers.
  • Key developments in environmental policy relating to energy are increasingly driven at a European level.

How Ofgem works through ACER and CEER


We are a member of the Agency for the Cooperation of European Regulators (ACER), the European Union body established under the Third Energy Package.  ACER's mission is to foster cooperation among European energy regulators and ensure market integration and harmonisation of regulatory frameworks.

The Agency became fully operational in March 2011. Its headquarters are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Lord Mogg is currently Chair of ACER’s Board of Regulators.

We are actively involved in the work of ACER and help shape binding rules. To do this, teams within Markets and SG&G (gas and electricity) regularly participate at working groups and task forces at ACER where they provide input and lead on policy developments.

There are 4 ACER working groups:

  • Electricity Working Group
  • Gas Working Group
  • Market Integrity and Transparency Working Group
  • Implementation, Monitoring and Procedures Working Group


We are a member of the Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER), a not-for-profit European association established in 2000 in Brussels. CEER brings together the independent national energy regulators from the member states of the EU and from countries in the European Economic Area (EEA).  Lord Mogg is currently President of CEER.

CEER acts as a focal point for information exchange and assistance between Europe's national energy regulators.

There are seven CEER working groups that complement ACER’s work and focus more widely on retail, smart grids and international issues.

We are an active member of CEER. Mark Copley (Associate Partner) is currently Vice Chair of the Electricity Working Group. Andrew Burgess (Associate Partner, SG&G) is currently co-chair of the Smart Grids Coordination Group. Ryan McLaughlin (Senior Manager, Wholesale Markets) is Co-Chair of the Gas Storage task Force and the Gas Balancing Task Force. Louise van Rensburg is Co-Chair of the Market Monitoring Governance Task Force. Colleagues from different policy teams in Markets, SG&G and Sustainable Development regularly attend meetings at CEER.


Embedding of EU issues

European issues are embedded right across the organisation with policy developed at the domestic and European level. This reflects the importance of the European dimension to our work. Within all teams there are staff dedicated to influencing European energy policy to the benefit of energy consumers in the UK and ensuring the best deal for all European consumers at EU level.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 29th May 2015
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 2 Associated documents
GEMA chairman David Gray appeared as a guest speaker at the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER), which ran from 25 to 28 May in Istanbul.

  • Published: 1st Oct 2014
  • Reports & plans
  • 1 Associated documents
In line with the Article 13(6) of the Trans-European Energy Infrastructure Regulation (the TEN-E Regulation), this document provides a high level summary of our regulatory principles and the existing regulatory regimes in Great Britain.

  • Published: 5th Aug 2014
  • Reports & plans
  • 1 Associated documents
These are the 2014 Great Britain and Northern Ireland National Reports to the European Commission, in accordance with Directives 2009/72/EC (Electricity) and 2009/73/EC (Gas). In terms of content, the GB report covers:

  • Published: 30th Jun 2014
  • Decisions
  • 2 Associated documents
This is the final decision of GEMA on a cross-border cost allocation (CBCA) application made by Shannon LNG for the construction of a 26km 30 inch pipeline from a proposed LNG terminal to the Irish national pipeline network. Ofgem has agreed that all...

  • Published: 30th Jun 2014
  • Decisions
  • 2 Associated documents
This is the final decision of GEMA on a cross-border cost allocation (CBCA) application made by Gaslink Independent System Operator Ltd for the twinning of the onshore pipeline between Cluden and Brighouse Bay in Scotland. Ofgem has agreed that all costs...

  • Published: 28th Apr 2014
  • Consultations & responses
  • 2 Associated documents
This letter to the European Commission is in response to their consultation on the EU retail energy market.

  • Published: 22nd Aug 2013
  • Reports & plans
  • 1 Associated documents
This is the 2013 Great Britain and Northern Ireland National Reports to the European Commission in accordance with Directives 2009/72/EC (Electricity) and 2009/73/EC (Gas).