Consumer Vulnerability Strategy

We have published our updated Consumer Vulnerability Strategy. It will build on the earlier work of our previous strategy.

What is the Ofgem Consumer Vulnerability Strategy?

Our strategy builds upon the already extensive work delivered under our 2013 Consumer Vulnerability Strategy, and sets out our priorities to help protect gas and electricity consumers in vulnerable situations until 2025. The energy market is going through great change with the impact of digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation. Our new strategy sets the outcomes that Ofgem expects industry to achieve, so vulnerable consumers are not left behind by the pace of change in the energy industry.

The Consumer Vulnerability Strategy outlines our approach until 2025. We will focus on five themes including data, affordability, customer service, innovation and partnership working to drive improved outcomes for consumers in vulnerable situations.

The strategy is informed by extensive stakeholder engagement, including consulting on a draft version, events held in Cardiff, Glasgow and London, interviews with academics and other experts and responses to our open letter published in December 2018.

How we define Vulnerability

We define vulnerability as when a consumer’s personal circumstances and characteristics combine with aspects of the market to create situations where they are: 

  • significantly less able than a typical consumer to protect or represent his or her interests in the energy market 
  • significantly more likely than a typical consumer to suffer detriment, or that detriment is likely to be more substantial

Through the publications and update feed below you can access our publications and outputs produced in relation to the Consumer Vulnerability Strategy.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 1st May 1999
  • Consultations and responses
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This document is intended to advance the process of identifying what are the causes of fuel poverty;who it affects; the various bodies and organisations which can contribute to reducing or eliminating it; and what the special contribution of regulation...

  • Published: 29th Jun 1998
  • Consultations and responses
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The Government has asked the electricity and gas regulators to prepare an industrywide action plan to ensure efficiency, choice and fairness in the provision of gas and electricity to disadvantaged customers.

  • Published: 29th Mar 1998
  • Decisions
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This document sets out my final proposals for improvements to the Standards of Performance which are set for the 14 public electricity suppliers (PESs).