Forums, seminars and working groups - full list

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

We run a wide range of forums, seminars and working groups, to look at the issues affecting consumers, industry and the wider regulatory environment of gas and electricity markets.

These groups comprise a range of different stakeholders. Depending on the subject, these may include representatives from:

  • Ofgem
  • Citizens Advice
  • Consumer Futures
  • DECC
  • Distribution Network Operators
  • Energy UK
  • Transmission owners and operators
  • Which?
  • small business and major energy user customer representatives
  • both Energy UK affiliates and non-affiliates.

The following is a list of all of our forums, seminars and working groups divided by general policy area:


Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Advisory Group

Consumer policy

For information on our work on consumer policy issues please see: How we engage – on consumer issues

Gas Wholesale Market

Gas Retail Market

Gas Transmission Networks

Gas Distribution Networks

RIIO-GD1: see RIIO forums, seminars and working groups below

Electricity Wholesale Market

Electricity Retail Market

Electricity Transmission Networks

Electricity Offshore Transmission

Electricity Distribution Networks

RIIO forums, seminars and working groups

Periodically we hold workshops and seminars with licensees and other stakeholders on topics covering more than one market or policy area. Details and outputs from these meetings can be accessed through the Ofgem/DECC Independent Suppliers Forum.