Engaging with research institutions on shared research interests

Research is an essential part of how we understand the energy market and its performance for consumers. We’ve established a Research Hub in Ofgem’s Office of the Chief Economist to communicate our research priorities. It also aims to help researchers engage with us to support our knowledge and policy making.

The Research Hub works alongside various specialist panels and advisory boards at Ofgem. These draw on a broad range of expertise and views from within the academic community. They include an academic panel, and projects run by our Consumer Research and Behavioural Insights teams.

Here you can find information on the aims and research priorities of our Research Hub, alongside details of our upcoming events and outputs from ongoing projects.

Research Hub aims

Through the hub, we aim to:

  • Communicate our research priorities
    We will develop and communicate our research priorities. These will be research areas of particular interest to us over the coming years, and will include feedback from our stakeholders.
  • Improve our awareness of external research
    We want the Research Hub to be a key route for you as research institutions to tell us about your work, particularly if you aren’t familiar with what we do. We’re interested in what we can learn from other sector research. To help develop relationships and future insights, we will aim to link you to relevant colleagues within Ofgem and the academic community we have access to through our existing panels and advisory boards.
  • Stimulate external research
    Research bodies regularly tell us that they would like more visibility of areas that interest us, to help inform their own research. We will aim to clearly communicate our interests through the hub, and hope to increase academic activity in these areas as a result. We will also work with the academic community to understand how we can support developments in external research aligned to our research priorities. For instance, this may be through testing early thinking or linking academics with data. Although our research budget is limited, in some cases, we may be able to allocate Ofgem analytical resource for collaborative research.
  • Develop Ofgem-led research
    We will develop our own research in line with our priorities and progress research to support policy decisions. We will rely on academic expertise to ensure our own research and analysis is sufficiently robust.

Our research priorities

We have four research priorities:

  1. Cross-sector policy interactions
  2. Facilitating the low-carbon energy transition
  3. Future consumer
  4. Global trends.

You can find full details in our open letter.

Upcoming events and publications

We’ll publish details of upcoming seminars and events, and relevant project documentation, in the publications and updates feed of this page.

Get in touch

We hope you find the Research Hub a useful platform to engage with us. We welcome your views on our research priorities and the outputs of the Hub as it develops.

We’re also keen to hear from and promote the work of research institutions, where it is relevant to our priorities.

Get in touch at ResearchHub@ofgem.gov.uk.

Publications and updates

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Ofgem has published an open letter inviting engagement in our new Research Hub.