Engaging on consumer issues

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Our principal duty is to protect the interests of current and future consumers, with a further duty relating to the most vulnerable. An important element in fulfilling this duty is to understand what really matters to consumers and to ensure they remain at the heart of everything we do. This approach is known as our Consumer First Programme.

Consumer research

A core part of the programme is undertaking independent quantitative and qualitative consumer research to shape our key policy decisions. A wide range of consumers are involved in our research - including more vulnerable people - to make sure their needs and priorities are accounted for in our work.

Find out more and view our research publications at Consumer research

Domestic and non-domestic consumer panels

We also draw on insight from a variety of places to make sure staff from across the organisation understand the priorities, views and experiences of domestic and non-domestic consumers. These include:

Consumer First Panel

Eighty everyday domestic customers recruited from four locations across Britain. The panel meets regularly to discuss key issues impacting on their participation in the energy market, as well as other topics related to energy.

View outputs from the panel meetings at Consumer research

Consumer Challenge Group

Relevant to our work on network price controls, the group comprises a small number of consumer experts who act as our ‘critical friend’ and bring additional expertise that we could not address through market research alone.

Find out more at Consumer Challenge Group

Non-domestic Large User and Small and Medium User groups

Our work for non-domestic customers is informed through our Large User and Small and Medium User Groups. These groups meet two to three times a year and provide an opportunity for industrial, commercial and Small and Medium Enterprise customer representatives to discuss their issues of concern with us, and for us to provide updates on our work.

Find out more at Non-Domestic: Large User Group and Non-Domestic: Small and Medium User Group

Other ways we engage

As well as though panels and research, we involve thousands of consumers in our work through regular surveys and workshops and through innovative approaches such as video research and collaborative engagement, bringing consumers and energy suppliers together.

View a full list of our stakeholder activities at Forums, seminars and working groups

Further information

If you would like to contact us about our Consumer First Programme please email us on consumer.first@ofgem.gov.uk.

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A look at how Ofgem's long-established commitment to today's energy consumers and to future generations is continuing to protect those interests in a world of new environmental, financial and other challenges.