Submitting data and managing certificates: RO

Submitting data and managing certificates: RO

In order to be issued with Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) you need to submit data to us via the Renewables and CHP Register (the Register). If your station is accredited under the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme, the data submitted will also be used to calculate any REGOs you are due.

For further information regarding output data please refer to our FAQ document. This includes advice on:

  • why output data submissions are required under the Renewables Obligation (RO)
  • when readings should be taken
  • how readings should be submitted to Ofgem.

Please note that this document should not be regarded as a definitive technical or legal guide to the schemes. If you have any questions not addressed in the FAQ document, please contact the Renewables team.

Managing certificates (ROCs)

When will ROCs be issued?

Assuming the required output data has been submitted to us by the end of the second month following the month of generation, ROCs will normally be issued 10-15 working days later. Further detail can be found in our ROC issue Schedule 2021-22.

What are ROCs used for?

Once ROCs have been issued, they will be visible in the ‘Certificates’ tab of the generator’s Renewables & CHP Register account. These ROCs can then be transferred, either directly to an electricity supplier, in order for that supplier to meet its annual obligation under the RO, or to a third party who may buy, sell or trade ROCs between generators and suppliers.

Ofgem does not have any role or responsibility in the trading or transferring of ROCS, the contractual arrangements for trading ROCs or monitoring/setting the price of ROCs.

How to manage certificates on the Renewables & CHP Register

The ‘Certificates’ tab within a generator’s Renewables & CHP Register account will allow you to view, transfer or retire your ROCs, as well as any REGOs or LECs that may have been issued to you in respect of renewable electricity generated. Further information can be found in our Renewables and CHP Register - User Guide.

Reasons why ROCs may not have been issued within the published schedule

If output data is submitted to us late, is amended for any reason, or does not pass our internal validation checking, ROCs may not be issued as per the published schedule. In these cases, we will seek further evidence in order to resolve the case, often requesting an explanation, or requesting half hourly data in support of the submission/amendment. Once our checks have been completed, the relevant number of ROCs can be issued.

Our Renewables Obligation (RO) Output Data FAQ answers some of the most frequently asked questions around output data submissions under the Renewables Obligations (RO) scheme.

Visit our Output Data FAQ