Response to our ECO2.2 Consultation


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We have now published a document which summarises the responses we received from stakeholders on the Energy Company Obligation 2015-2017 (ECO2): ECO2.2 Consultation. The response document sets out how we have taken into account the submissions that we received, and explains the changes we have made to our proposed policies.

We have also published the Energy Company Obligation 2015-2017 (ECO2): Guidance for Suppliers in two parts which can be found below. The first part provides guidance on administrative aspects of ECO e.g. obligation setting, and is principally intended for use by obligated energy companies. The second part provides guidance on delivery aspects of ECO and is intended for use by both obligated energy suppliers, and the wider supply chain.

This document includes the ECO 2.1 Guidance Note published with the response to Energy Company Obligation 2015-2017 (ECO): Consultation on specific HHCRO requirements and will take effect as of 1 April 2015.

The ECO2 Guidance does not apply until the ECO2 obligation period commences on 1 April 2015. Until then, suppliers should refer to the ECO: Guidance for Suppliers (version 1.2).