ECO1: Lifetime for wall insulation measures without an appropriate guarantee


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Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO1), the small number of wall insulation measures delivered without an appropriate guarantee will be awarded a default lifetime of two years, unless alternative assurance is available. This guidance note gives our approach.


The standard lifetime for ECO wall insulation measures is supported by an appropriate guarantee.

If this is not provided, we determine the standard lifetime to be awarded. Our decision takes into account the reason why there is no guarantee in place and the level of assurance that standard lifetime savings will be achieved.

For ECO1, energy companies had the opportunity to provide us with sufficient assurance to receive up to the standard lifetime. However, where they have not been able to do so, we expect to apply a lifetime of two years. This is further explained in our guidance note below.


We will consult on this position in autumn 2015 for the purposes of measures delivered under ECO2.