Decision on the future operation of the HVDC centre following the end of NIC-funding period


Funded through the  RIIO-T1 Network Innovation Competition (NIC), SHE-T developed and constructed the HVDC Centre (also called the Multi Terminal Testing Environment centre - MTTE) to enable the planning, development and testing of high voltage direct current transmission solutions in GB. The Centre officially opened in April 2017, and operated since then under the ownership of SHE-T.

The Project Direction for the NIC Project in 2013 (updated in 2018), included a requirement on SHE-T to submit a Notice to the Authority setting out its proposal for the future operation of the facility (post NIC funding). SHE-T submitted its proposal in February 2020.

This letter sets out our approval decision for the continuation of the operation of the HVDC centre by SHE-T during the RIIO-2 period.