Reforming suppliers' meter inspection obligations

Publication date
23rd July 2015
Closing date
18th September 2015
Policy areas

Gas and electricity suppliers have a licence obligation to inspect their customers’ meters at least every two years, unless we consent to other arrangements. We have reviewed this licence obligation’s ongoing contribution to protecting consumer interests, in the context of the rollout of smart meters. We believe that other regulations and policies, including safety obligations and recently enhanced theft detection and billing accuracy obligations, protect consumers with traditional and smart meters more effectively than the existing inspection obligation.

This document sets out our review of the meter inspection framework and identifies changes needed to make the arrangements fit for purpose. We propose to repeal the meter inspection licence conditions, in line with the principles of better regulation.

We have developed our review in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Our review has also been informed by the views and work of a wide range of stakeholders represented in the Meter Inspections Subgroup. The Department of Energy and Climate Change established this work group in late 2014 to consider options for establishing an appropriate metering inspection framework in view of the smart meter rollout.

We are now seeking views on our proposal to repeal the meter inspection licence condition.