Ofgem Consumer First Panel, Year 7, Wave 2: Reporting on the performance of Distribution Network Operators

Publication date
17th May 2016
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This report summarises the findings from the second wave of our 2015 Consumer First Panel, which took place between 9-19 November 2015 in Cardiff, Peterborough, Exeter and Dumfries.

The aims for this round of Panel events Year 7, Wave 2 were to explore the following:

  •  What is the spontaneous awareness of Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)?  Do consumers have an appetite to understand what DNOs do and how their performance affects them?
  • Are consumers interested in reports on DNO performance? What should the level of detail in reporting be? How should this information be presented (infographics, data tables or more thorough reporting)?
  •  When reporting on DNOs, what would be the most meaningful way to communicate with ordinary consumers? How should the variation in performance across DNOs be communicated?