Ofgem Consumer First Panel, Year 7, Wave 2. Be An Energy Shopper Campaign message testing

Publication date
18th January 2017
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Policy areas

In November 2015, our Consumer First Panellists met to discuss messages to be used in our ‘Be An Energy Shopper campaign’. We wanted to understand how  potential messages impact on different consumer groups.

The objectives of this research were:

  • To build on current messaging/wording used in the Be An Energy Shopper campaign and understand if key messages impact on different consumer groups and consumers overall.
  • To explore reactions to new messages to see if they encourage action, and elicit new ideas, themes and potential creative routes.

Panellists were asked to develop and review campaign messages through the following stages:

  1. Panellists were given a brief to design campaign messages to encourage particular types of consumers to switch their energy tariff or supplier.
  2. They designed their own campaign messages for these consumers, plus a message that would encourage them personally to switch. 
  3. Panellists were then presented with five messages created by Ofgem, plus the best messages designed at other Panel events.  These were rated by assigning dots for the messages Panellists felt worked best for them personally, and for different consumer groups.