Licence Lite: SLC 11.3 operating guidance

Publication date
1st April 2015
Information types
Policy areas

Standard Licence Condition (SLC) 11.3, an option known as ‘Licence Lite’, allows a prospective electricity supplier to apply for a direction relieving them of their obligation to be a direct party to the industry codes listed in SLC 11.2.

In order to issue such a direction, we require robust alternative arrangements to be in place for a third party licensed supplier (TPLS) to discharge code compliance in these areas on behalf of the Licence Lite supplier.

This guidance should inform those arrangements.  It sets out:

  • the principal roles and responsibilities of both a Licence Lite supplier and its TPLS
  • how to apply for a Licence Lite direction
  • details of Licence Lite operation, including the activities that allow a licensed supplier to operate without being a direct party to the SLC 11.2 Codes and our likely view on enforcement and licensing matters.