Decision on principles to be considered when recovering the costs of providing ‘flexible connections'

Publication date
10th April 2018
Information types
Policy areas

We have decided to direct Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) not to make modification to its Statement of Methodology and Charges for Connection pursuant to standard licence condition (SLC) 13.7(b) of the distribution licence.

SSEN’s proposed modification related to a number of policy issues, primarily the recovery of costs incurred in the provision of ‘flexible/ Active Network Management (‘ANM’) connections’. Following consideration of SSEN’s proposal, we were not persuaded that the implementation of the proposal would better achieve the Relevant Objectives.

In coming to our decision, we also compared SSEN’s proposal with the approaches used by other DNOs to address the same issues, which we have summarised in the decision document.

Our decision took into account the responses received from stakeholders to our consultation, which can be found on the consultation page listed under “Decision for”.