Decision to grant Npower Group PLC a temporary derogation from various elements of standard conditions 22C and 31C of their electricity and gas supply licences

Publication date
15th May 2017
Information types
Policy areas

This letter sets out the Authority’s decision to grant the following companies under Npower Group PLC: Npower Limited, Npower Northern Limited, Npower Northern Supply Limited, Npower Yorkshire Limited, Npower Yorkshire Supply Limited, and Npower Gas Limited, a temporary and limited derogation from various elements of standard licence condition (SLC) 22C and SLC 31C of their electricity and gas supply licences.

This derogation will enable these companies to conduct a time-limited trial of a new version of its Statement of Renewal Terms on a limited number of its domestic gas and electricity customers, subject to the terms of the corresponding Directions. We have redacted commercially-sensitive aspects of the decision and will publish the full decision after the trial has been completed.

As indicated in our 7 March 2016 open letter on improving consumer communications and the value of trials, we are committed to ensuring that consumers have the information they need to fully engage with the market to make well-informed decisions about their energy supply. We are open to considering derogations to facilitate trials on the format, placement, and wording on bills and other consumer communication tools. We consider that the results of the trials could assist our policy development as we are looking into making changes in this area as part of our implementation of the CMA remedies and our policy to rely more on principles in the way we regulate the retail market.