Changes to the Non-Domestic RHI regulations (spring 2014) - new technologies and updated tariffs

Publication date
28th May 2014
Information types
Policy areas

The changes introduced new technologies to be covered by the scheme and new tariffs which may affect existing and new participants.

  • The new technologies and tariffs including air source heat pumps, new deep geothermal, new solid biomass CHP systems and biogas. The technologies and tariffs were introduced from 28 May 2014. To see the full list of eligibility criteria that applies, please see Guidance Vol 1.
  • New tariffs were introduced for some installations accredited on or after 21 January 2013.

We have produced a number of factsheets to provide information on the changes and how they affect existing and new participants to the scheme.

The government outlined their original proposals in the report Improving support, increasing uptake which was published in December 2013.