Guides to the supply licences

The gas and electricity supply licences set out the conditions that all energy suppliers must adhere to in order to supply energy to domestic and non-domestic consumers. These guides are intended to help stakeholders navigate the licences and understand licence and other obligations on energy suppliers.

Supply licence guides 

The introductory guide gives some tips for using the licences, and some background information about the retail energy market and how we regulate it. The other guides each cover a different ‘theme’ of supply licence obligations. Each guide includes:

  1. the consumer outcomes we expect suppliers to deliver
  2. the main regulatory rules that apply to that theme
  3. useful documents to help you understand the rules.

We've also produced a reference table containing links to documents we’ve previously published that may help you understand the standard licence conditions in the gas and electricity supply licences. The table includes documents such as guidance, policy consultations, and past enforcement cases, and is searchable and sortable.

The following list shows the themes that the guides cover:

The guides are intended to be a useful, though not exhaustive, resource. They introduce the rules relating to each theme, highlight relevant supply licence obligations and signpost key information.

These guides are intended as a helpful tool only, and do not modify or replace the conditions in the gas and electricity supply licences. Suppliers should continue to refer to the conditions outlined in the most recent versions of these documents.


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Publications and updates

  • Published: 17th Jan 2018
  • Factsheets, Guidance
  • 1 Associated documents
This is a guide to the supply licence rules that require suppliers to participate in certain government environmental and social schemes.

  • Published: 3rd Nov 2017
  • Guidance
  • 1 Associated documents
A table listing documents published by Ofgem that may help you better understand supply licence obligations.