Annual declarations

If your application to the Domestic RHI is approved you will need to declare each year that you comply with the scheme requirements.

Please note: your installer may not fill out your annual declaration for you. This is because you are making declarations about your property and heating system, for which you are responsible; not your installer.

You will need to submit the following declarations online once a year:

  1. That you continue to own the heating system.
  2. That, to the best of your knowledge and belief, you or the previous owner did not:
    a. receive a grant from public funds that went towards the cost of purchase or installation of the heating system, other than any grant declared to Ofgem on application.
    b. receive funding from any source which completely covered the cost of purchase or installation of the heating system.
  3. That the heating system is in good working order and has not been replaced.
  4. The number of days that the property has been occupied over the past 12 months and the number of days you expect the property to be occupied over the next 12 months.
  5. That, if you do not live in the property, the occupants of the property have agreed to permit access by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Ofgem, or an authorised third party acting on behalf of BEIS or Ofgem.
  6. If you have an accredited meter; that it is in good working order.
  7. (If you have a biomass system) If you’ve been using BSL approved fuel and the BSL fuel authorisation number.

We ask you to do this every year because the scheme is funded by public money. We must ensure that you’re continuing to follow the scheme rules so that we can pay you the correct amount of money for the renewable heat your heating system produces.