Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) Programme

Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) include switching websites, energy brokers and energy efficiency advice providers who interact with energy consumers. TPIs can offer advice and products to assist with a range of functions including energy procurement, efficiency and management.

TPIs who operate within the energy market  do so under a wide range of business models and serve a range of consumers from household consumers to large business consumers. TPIs are not subject to direct sectoral regulation in the same way as energy suppliers by Ofgem. They are subject to regulation under general consumer protection rules, and in some cases have signed up to voluntary agreements governing their business practices and interactions with consumers.

Over time TPI services within Great Britain’s gas and electricity retail markets have increased. Given market developments, including the Retail Market Review and smart metering we expect the TPI market to evolve and proliferate.

We are mindful of the potential benefits and risks this poses, and are currently progressing a number of projects that consider improvements in TPIs’ services that will enhance consumer experience of engaging with TPIs.

Our TPI Programme will consider the enduring long term regulatory framework for TPIs as well as bespoke regulatory measures to address specific segments of the energy retail markets covering household and business consumers. You can find information and guidance arising from this work in the publications and updates list at the bottom of this page.

Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) Programme working group

As part of the TPI Programme, we are keen to work closely with stakeholders and seek their input for developing our policy proposals. So far this has involved consumer research and engagement with industry stakeholders as well as working group discussions with TPIs, suppliers and consumer groups.

You can view agendas, meeting notes and relevant research findings at:

Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) Programme working group


Publications and updates

  • Published: 11th Oct 2013
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Following our recent consultation document ‘Third Party Intermediaries: exploration of issues and options, this letter sets out the progress and next steps for Ofgem’s Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) programme. This letter focuses on the work we are...