FIT scheme closed to new applicants on 1 April 2019, with some exceptions.

Read more on the scheme’s closure on our Scheme's closure page.


All application deadlines for MCS-FIT installations have now passed. This page only covers the applications process for ROO-FIT installations with preliminary accreditation.

The ROO-FIT route of accreditation is used if your installation is a solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind installation with a Declared Net Capacity (DNC) of above 50kW up to a Total Installed Capacity (TIC) of 5MW, or if it is a hydro or anaerobic digestion installation up to a TIC of 5MW.

How to apply

Set up an account on the Renewables and CHP Register

Here’s a quick guide to how to create an account.

Complete an application (‘ROO-FIT application’)

Here's a quick guide on how to submit an application. The application will be received by us once you have pressed ‘send’.

All applications for anaerobic digestion installations must be accompanied by a completed Fuel Measurement and Sampling (FMS) questionnaire. For more information on the sustainability requirements for AD installations, see our fuelling & sustainability page

Agree declarations

Here is a quick guide on how to agree declarations.

For more detailed guidance on how to make an application, see our Essential Guide to Applying for ROO-FIT Accreditation:

Essential Guide to Applying for ROO-FIT Accreditation

Apply now

Renewables & CHP Register

How is my application processed?

  1. We’ll send you confirmation of receipt by email within one working day of receiving your application. We’ll also ask for evidence to support your application.
  2. We'll review your application and may ask you further questions, or for additional evidence, if required
  3. If accredited, you then have to contact your FIT licensee to start receiving FIT payments.

If you are unsure on what tariff you will receive please visit our Payments and Tariffs page

Application support

The ROO-FIT team are here to help you with your application. Call us on 020 7901 7310 or email

If you don’t understand a term being used, please see our glossary

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