Energy price caps and the Warm Home Discount

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.
Price caps are here to ensure you pay a fairer price for your gas and electricity, and to protect against overcharging. Here we explain how it works and applies if you get the Warm Home Discount, and how you can save even more by switching. 

If you get the Government’s Warm Home Discount and are on a ‘standard variable’ tariffopen key term pop-up or an energy contract you’ve not chosen (a ‘default’ tariff)open key term pop-up your energy prices are protected by a default tariff price cap. This started on 1 January 2019.

Before the default tariff cap was in place, you were protected by a prepayment meter’ price cap until the end of 2018.

The default tariff cap has different levels set to reflect how you pay, where you live and the type of energy meter you have. If you were transferred from the prepayment price cap, you were placed on the cheaper default cap level set for direct debit payment methods – regardless of how you pay.

Not sure what your energy tariff is?

Tariffs are what energy suppliers charge you for gas and electricity. If you don't know what your energy tariff is, contact your energy supplier or check your last energy bill. 

You can find your supplier's contact details on your gas or electricity bill. If you don’t know who your supplier is, see Who is my gas or electricity supplier?

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About energy price caps

Standard variable tariff

A basic tariff with variable prices that can go up and down with the market. You could be put on a standard variable tariff or a tariff you have not chosen (a ‘default tariff’) if your fixed-term tariff contract ends and you have not chosen a new one. They usually cost more than a fixed-term tariff. More.

Default tariff

If you’ve never switched energy supplier or have switched only once, you’re likely to be on a poor value, more expensive ‘default’ tariff. Default tariffs, including standard variable tariffs, are a basic tariff from an energy supplier. More.