Customer satisfaction with network operators: Electricity distribution (RIIO-ED1)


Source: RIIO Electricity Distribution annual report 2017-18.

Information correct as of: March 2019

This chart is an indicator of customer satisfaction with electricity distribution operators under the RIIO-ED1 price control. Distribution network operators are scored against three broad measures of customer service: customer satisfaction (the 'customer survey score'), stakeholder engagement and complaints handling. This chart shows performance against two of those scores for the third year of the price control. Performance against the complaints handling metric is detailed in the RIIO-ED1 annual report.

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Policy Areas:

  • Electricity - distribution

Data Table

Customer satisfaction with network operators: Electricity distribution (RIIO-ED1)
Distribution network operatorStakeholder engagement incentive reward scoreCustomer survey score
Electricity North West5.758.47
Northern Powergrid7.508.64
Western Power Distribution8.758.93
UK Power Networks7.258.74
SP Energy Networks6.358.72
Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks5.508.60

More information

Customer satisfaction with network operators: At-a-glance summary

  • The performance of each distribution network operator group varies across the three broad measures of customer service elements, but overall performance has continued to improve with all DNOs meeting their targets
  • Western Power Distribution performs best across all three measures, while Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Electricity Northwest Ltd have most room for improvement.

Relevance and further information

We want distribution network operators to understand consumers’ needs and proactively engage with them to make sure these are met.

There is a financial incentive that encourages distribution network operators to deliver good customer service.  It consists of three elements:

  • customer satisfaction
  • complaints handling
  • stakeholder engagement.


We set targets, with associated penalties and rewards, for customer satisfaction and complaints.

Ofgem and an independent panel of experts conduct the assessment for the stakeholder engagement incentive.

Date correct
March 2019
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