Complaints received by medium-sized suppliers per 100,000 customer accounts


Source: Suppliers data.

Information correct as of: November 2020

This graph shows the total number of complaints received by the medium-sized energy suppliers per 100,000 customer accounts per quarter over the period Q1 2014 to Q3 2020. The category ‘medium’ refers to those suppliers exceeding 1% market share in at least one fuel, but remaining below 5% in both fuels.

In Q3 2020 Bulb and Octopus Energy, previously considered medium-sized suppliers, have moved to the large supplier category.

As of Q3 2020, Shell Energy’s complaints include those for Green Star Energy, which Shell acquired in Q4 2019.

The chart includes estimated data for OVO for the period Q4 2015 - Q1 2018. OVO has provided actual information from Q2 2018 onwards.

In January 2020, OVO completed the acquisition of SSE’s domestic business. As a result, we have moved OVO from the group of medium-sized supplier to that of large suppliers as of Q1 2020.

As of Q1 2020, Octopus’ complaints include those for all companies they have recently absorbed and their white label brands. These include Engie’s domestic business and Co-operative Energy, among others. Affect Energy, also fully owned by Octopus, operates under a separate licence and is therefore shown separately as of Q1 2020.

Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Complaints received by medium-sized suppliers per 100,000 customer accounts
Quarter/YearAvro EnergyShell EnergyOVO - End Q4 2019UtilitaUtility WarehouseOctopus Energy - End Q2 2020Bulb - End Q2 2020Green Network Energy
Q1 20141182134512251949
Q2 20149568393601845
Q3 20149496494471772
Q4 201497863112142117
Q1 2015122768912382711
Q2 201510696257031611
Q3 201512125797271322
Q4 20151092526146719920
Q1 20161354668237927690
Q2 20161002919465220070
Q3 2016109115633368178310
Q4 201614792560384013854
Q1 201720522419568510732
Q2 201718821187600574264
Q3 201718371236414660126
Q4 20171742908429461539
Q1 20182122687301863170
Q2 20182688914138956522963
Q3 2018482639803939781132110721
Q4 20187230399191040915168283654
Q1 201986295110168781,090239251517
Q2 2019761,6881,3755361,063233320722
Q3 20191051,8711,4675411,147266383692
Q4 20191601,6932,2116151,352254407851
Q1 20202411478763743450689913
Q2 202014216675174714751,065869
Q3 20201472,2475875601,722
Date correct
November 2020
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