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  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 12th Oct 2016
    Closed: 23rd Nov 2016
    Environmental programmesECOEnvironmental programmes
    5 Associated Documents
    Ofgem E-Serve's consultation on the Energy Company Obligation transition scheme (part one).
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 13th Sep 2016
    Closed: 11th Oct 2016
    Environmental programmesECOEnvironmental programmes
    4 Associated Documents
    This consultation proposes changes to the way that Technical and Score Monitoring is conducted on energy efficiency measures delivered under the Energy Company Obligation scheme.
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 30th Jun 2016
    Closed: 25th Aug 2016
    Environmental programmesECOEnvironmental programmesFITEnvironmental programmesROEnvironmental programmesWHDEnvironmental programmesGEREnvironmental programmes
    17 Associated Documents
    Ofgem E-Serve is consulting on plans to publish a quarterly Supplier Performance Report.
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 27th May 2016
    Closed: 8th Jul 2016
    Environmental programmesECOEnvironmental programmes
    6 Associated Documents
    This consultation sets out our proposed approach to implementing a system of deemed scores for use in the ECO scheme from 1 April 2017, if introduced in legislation.
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 24th Mar 2016
    Closed: 21st Apr 2016
    Environmental programmesROEnvironmental programmes
    2 Associated Documents
    This draft guidance is for Northern Ireland generators who may be affected by the closure of the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation to large-scale (>5MW) onshore wind from 1 April 2016.
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 8th Feb 2016
    Closed: 7th Mar 2016
    Environmental programmesECOEnvironmental programmes
    38 Associated Documents
    This consultation sought views on proposals relating to the process of overwriting default U-values for cavity wall insulation (CWI) measures under the ECO2 scheme.
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 26th Jan 2016
    Closed: 23rd Feb 2016
    Environmental programmesNon-Domestic RHIEnvironmental programmes
    3 Associated Documents
    Ofgem is looking for views on a proposal to change the operational approach for ground source heat pumps using recovered heat. The consultation closes on 23 February 2016.
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 12th Jan 2016
    Closed: 8th Mar 2016
    Environmental programmesCCLEnvironmental programmes
    20 Associated Documents
    A further consultation leading on from our decision on Consultation on proof of UK consumption of overseas electricity
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 17th Dec 2015
    Closed: 17th Feb 2016
    Business consumersCorporate informationDomestic consumersElectricity- distributionElectricity- offshore transmissionElectricity- retail marketsElectricity- transmissionElectricity- wholesale marketsEnforcementEnvironmental programmesECOEnvironmental programmesDomestic RHIEnvironmental programmesNon-Domestic RHIEnvironmental programmesFITEnvironmental programmesREGOEnvironmental programmesROEnvironmental programmesCCLEnvironmental programmesWHDEnvironmental programmesGEREnvironmental programmesGas- distributionGas- retail marketsGas- transmissionGas- wholesale marketsLicences, codes and standards
    15 Associated Documents
    This draft Forward Work Programme sets out how we will meet our principal objective to protect the interests of current and future gas and electricity consumers.
  • Closed (with decision)
    Published: 2nd Dec 2015
    Closed: 3rd Feb 2016
    Environmental programmesDomestic RHIEnvironmental programmes
    9 Associated Documents
    We want your views on the recognition process that a certification scheme would need to complete when seeking recognition of MCS equivalence by the Domestic RHI scheme.