Price cap: Call for input of our approach to reflecting potential changes to BSUoS charges in the price cap

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The Gas and Electricity Market Authority (the Authority) is considering modifying the way that Balancing Services Use of System (‘BSUoS’) charges are collected from electricity network users. The modification proposes that BSUoS charges should take the form of a flat volumetric charge, set in advance. Currently, BSUoS charges are recovered using a volumetric charge (£/MWh) which varies in each half-hour period based on the amount of energy imported from, or, exported onto the network within that time. Should this modification be approved, we are considering amendments to the default tariff cap (the cap) to reflect this modification. This Call for Input provides stakeholders with the opportunity to provide comments on our initial view regarding how to amend the cap in response to this modification, specifically in relation to the transitional arrangement for a move from a lagged ex-post cost recovery mechanism.

We are seeking written comments by 03 October 2022.

Last updated 25 November 2022.

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Daniel Norton, Deputy Director Price Protection