Domestic RHI Product Eligibility


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Domestic RHI

Please note: Ofgem no longer host the Product eligibility list. To find out whether a product is eligible to the Scheme, please follow the guidance below. We recommend that you consult with your installer to ensure a product is eligible before making any purchase.

MCS certified products

To be eligible, a renewable heating system must be issued with an MCS certificate by the installer. Certificates can only be issued for systems using an MCS certified product. This shows that the product meets the relevant EN standards.

To find out whether a product is MCS certified, search the MCS product directory.

RHI Emission Certificates

All models of biomass product installed after scheme launch need an RHI Emission Certificate, which shows that they meet the required air quality standards. To check whether a product has an RHI Emission certificate, search the RHI ECLIST, hosted by HETAS (the RHI Emission Certificate listing body). If you are still unsure, contact our enquiries team at

If you are a manufacturer or distributor

If a biomass product has no RHI emission certificate, we've produced a template below for manufacturers to have completed by a testing laboratory. Once a certificate has been produced, it should be provided by the manufacturer to HETAS via the RHI ECLIST.

If you wish to supply missing data or have your listing reviewed, you should contact the relevant MCS certification body to have them update the information supplied to MCS,

Further guidance

Product eligibility is only part of the Domestic RHI eligibility criteria. Please see the Essential Guide for Applicants for a comprehensive guide to the Scheme rules.