Decision for: Consultation of Ofgem's Forward Work Programme for 2024/25


Publication date

Industry sector

  • Distribution Network
  • Generation and Wholesale Market
  • Offshore Transmission Network
  • Supply and Retail Market
  • Transmission Network

Following a formal consultation that proposed what we would work on during 2024 to 2025, we have published our final Forward Work Programme.

Our Forward Work Programme for 2024 to 2025 is the operational plan that is set against our Multiyear Strategy. It is structured around four of our five strategic priorities.

They are:

  • Shaping a retail market that works for consumers
  • Enabling infrastructure for net zero at pace
  • Establishing an efficient, fair and flexible energy system
  • Advancing decarbonisation through low carbon energy and social schemes.

Our strategic priorities are supported by fourteen strategic objectives. These are carried out through our policy projects and core regulatory activities, and the low carbon energy and social schemes that we administer for government. 

During the year, we will also work on ‘strengthening Ofgem as an organisation’ - our fifth strategic priority. 

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