Prepayment meters installed under warrant: final proposals

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This policy consultation outlines our final proposals for measures to protect consumers in the process of installation of PPM under warrant for non-payment of debt. We don’t want any consumers to face disproportionate costs or actions throughout the debt recovery process, and believe that consumers in vulnerable situations should not face costs that result from their vulnerability or exacerbate it.

The outcomes we intend as a result of our policy are that:

  • Installations of PPM under warrant are avoided wherever possible, and only used as a last resort. We want to increase the incentives on suppliers to engage with customers in debt to support them (eg putting them on debt repayment plans).
  • Suppliers do not impose high costs, and make their charges and process more consistent and transparent.
  • Consumers in the most vulnerable situations are protected, from both costs and process which would exacerbate harm.

We want to know what you think about these issues and proposals along with relevant evidence and data. Please respond to by 09 November 2016.

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Steve Osmani-Edwards

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