Non-domestic 2023 research report

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Findings on businesses’ experiences of the energy market, including experiences with their energy supplier and the impacts of energy prices.

In 2023, Ofgem and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) commissioned IFF Research to understand more about businesses’ experiences of the energy market. 

We published the non-domestic consumer interim findings of this research in December 2023. This is a full report of findings. 

Main points

  • More than half of those taking part in the research (58%) said they were concerned about the impact of energy prices on their business, with 42% reporting they were very concerned.
  • Almost two thirds (60%) of businesses were satisfied with the overall service they had received from their supplier, with 13% saying that they were dissatisfied.
  • The main reasons consumers said they were dissatisfied included the service being too expensive, poor customer service, and poor communication from their supplier.
  • Of those that had contacted their energy supplier in the last 12 months, 55% said that they found it easy, and 18% said they found it difficult.
  • Just over one in ten (12%) reported that they had made a complaint to their supplier in the last six months.
  • Their most common reasons for complaining included issues around billing and meters, such as receiving estimated bills despite having a smart meter, and feeling they had been charged incorrectly or received unexpected or hidden charges.


These findings are based on a telephone survey of 1,000 businesses from across England, Scotland and Wales (Great Britain) in July 2023, followed by 30 qualitative interviews carried out in September and October 2023.

This report refers to 'businesses' throughout. The sample specifically only contains businesses that operate out of non-domestic premises, which have a non-domestic energy contract. This excludes businesses that operate out of a home (domestic property).