Warm Home Discount: Amendment to Guidance for Licensed Electricity Suppliers and Licensed Gas Suppliers [Version 3]

Publication date
8th April 2014
Information types
Policy areas


This document describes our proposed amendments to the existing guidance to suppliers the ‘Warm Home Discount: Guidance for Licensed Electricity Suppliers and Licensed Gas Suppliers (version 2)’. 

Proposed Changes

The chapters we are changing are:

  • Chapter 2, Notification and target setting. The changes relate specifically to amendments of the WHD regulations resulting from the government’s changes to the amount that a supplier can carry forward from scheme year 3 to scheme year 4. 
  • Chapter 4, Broader Group. The amendments provide clarification on the approval process, low income threshold, pensionable age and information required on customers receiving more than one WHD rebate.
  • Chapter 6, Industry Initiatives. The  amendments focus on clarification of what we mean by “wholly or mainly”. 
  • Chapter 7, End of Year reporting. We explain the changes we are making to the End of Year reporting template which is appended in Annex 3.

We don’t propose changes to the chapters on Core Group, Legacy Spending, audit and fraud prevention, and dispute resolution.


For these changes we would like feedback on the clarity and the level of detail in the guidance.  
Any responses should be sent by letter or email by Wednesday 30 April 2014. Please send them to Barbara Birrell, Ofgem, Cornerstone, 107 West Regent St, Glasgow, G2 2BA, or to our WHD team at WHD@Ofgem.gov.uk