Minutes of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority - 18 May 2017

Publication date
21st July 2017
Information type
Policy area

These are the minutes of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA) which took place on 18 May 2017.

This meeting covered:

  1. Minutes of the Authority Meeting held in April 2017.
  2. Reports by the Chief Executive and the Chief Operating Officer.
  3. An update on the RHI Inquiry.
  4. Annual Report and Accounts.
  5. RIIO 2 Strategy.
  6. Electricity Interconnectors
  7. Future Retail Regulation: Rulebook Reforms
  8. Smart Metering update
  9. Innovation link: a review of our trial
  10. Energy Systems Divisional Report
  11. Legal Annual Report
  12. Clean Energy for All package
  13. Project Nexus
  14. Half Hourly settlement
  15. Decision Log update
  16. Date of next meeting