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29th October 2020
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Energy company performance infographic - plain text version

Company performance

Facts and figures on energy customer complaints, debt, disconnection and enforcement.

As a regulator we work closely with suppliers to improve performance including how they handle consumer complaints, fulfiltheir social obligations and provide support for vulnerable consumers.

We’ve set tough standards and enhanced transparency to help make sure consumers receive fairer treatment. We’ve also won new powers to make suppliers compensate customers directly when standards aren’t met.

Our latest numbers show 3.5 million complaints made by customers to energy suppliers in 2018*.

The main issues are:

  • billing
  • customer service
  • meter installation
  • payment methods.

We set performance targets on reliability and customer service for the companies who run the energy network that delivers gas and electricity to properties. These Quality of Service Guaranteed Standards for how quickly companies must respond to restore power in both normal and severe weather conditions. If a company fails to meet our power restoration standards, customers may be entitled to a payment. We report annually on performance, including how many power cuts the companies have.

From 2014-2018, distribution network operators have paid £29 million for failing to meet our guaranteed standards for gas and electricity distribution.

Debt and disconnection

At 31 December 2019:

Domestic accounts in debt

  • 1.4 million electricity accounts
  • 1.1 million gas accounts

Average level of debt

  • £443 electricity accounts
  • £379 gas accounts

Domestic disconnections due to debt (Jan - Dec 2019)

  • 6 domestic electricity accounts
  • 10 domestic gas accounts

Investigations and enforcement

Over £280 million paid by energy companies in compensation and penalties since 2010.

As of December 2020, we have:

  • 9 open investigations
  • 75 closed investigations.

*Complaints data from Ofgem Supplier Performance on Consumer Complaints Reporting, reflective of the 44 larger, small and medium suppliers we include in our publication. Debt and disconnection figures from Ofgem Domestic Suppliers’ Social Obligations Reporting. Ofgem investigations and compensation/penalties figures. Note: Before imposing a penalty we are required to give 'notice'. This notice allows for representations or objections to be made within a period of not less than 21 days. We update the information on this page once that period has elapsed and any decision to impose a penalty has been confirmed by a decision notice.

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Information correct at January 2021.

Behind the numbers

You can find fuller historical data and information on consumer complaints, debt, disconnection and enforcement penalties via the following links: