Direction in relation to the RIIO-T1 Electricity Transmission Price Control- Environmental Discretionary Reward Guidance

Publication date
17th March 2015
Information type
Policy area
To: National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc
      (Company Number: 02366977)
      Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc
      (Company Number: SC213461)
      SP Transmission plc
      (Company Number: SC189126)
“The Licensee”
Whereas –
  1. The licensee has been granted an Electricity Transmission Licence (the “Licence”) under section 6(1) (b) of the Electricity Act 1989 (the “Act”) and is subject to the conditions contained in the Licence.
  2. In accordance with paragraph 3F.12 of Part D of Special Condition 3F of the Licence, the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (the “Authority”) gave notice on 9 February 2015 (“the Notice”) that it proposed to modify the Environmental Discretionary Reward (“EDR”) Scheme Guidance.
  3. The Authority’s reasons for proposing to modify the EDR Scheme Guidance were set out in the Notice referred to above and include: i) to implement changes to the descriptions of activities and areas to be covered and the information and evidence to be provided; ii) implement improvements to the assessment criteria and scoring to ensure that they better accord with the objectives of the EDR Scheme and iii) clarify and change aspects of the expert panel’s role in regard to engagement with the applicant companies.
  4. The Authority requested that any representations with respect to the proposed revised EDR Scheme Guidance be made on or before 9 March 2015. The Authority received one representation which supported the changes and therefore now directs the changes and modifications to the EDR Scheme Guidance as set out above.
  5. A copy of the EDR Scheme Guidance is included in the Schedule to this Direction.

Now therefore –

In accordance with paragraph 3F.11 of Part D of Special Condition 3F of the Licence, the Authority hereby directs that the EDR Scheme Guidance as set out in the Schedule to this Direction will have effect on and from 16 March 2015.

This document constitutes notice of the reasons for the Direction in accordance with section 49A of the Act.

Dr Stephen Bass
Head of Sustainable Energy Policy
Duly authorised on behalf of the Authority                                  
16 March 2015