Agenda of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority - 16 November 2017

Publication date
15th November 2017
Information type
Policy area

We are committed to the publication of agendas for the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (the Authority or GEMA).

This is the open agenda for the meeting on 16 November 2017.

  1. Chairman’s opening remarks.
  2. Draft minutes of the Authority meeting on 12 October.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.
  4. Chief Executive Officer’s report
  5. Chief Operating Officer’s report
  6. Northern Ireland RHI Inquiry update. (Oral update)
  7. Report from E-Serve Board
  8. Forward Work Programme 2018/19: Consultation document
  9. Future Electricity System Operator Regulatory and Incentives Framework
  10. Hinkley – Seabank: Decision on project need and position on delivery model
  11. Shetland: Options for New Energy Solution
  12. RIIO 2 – Strategic views
  13. ADR Provider applications
  14. Modelling Quality Assurance
  15. State of the Market Report
  16. Decision Log update
  17. Other business and date of next meeting