Northern Gas Networks

We have awarded funding for three Northern Gas Networks Gas Network Innovation Competition projects. You can find further information on the project and related documents under the publications and updates feed below.

H21 - 2017

The project will provide quantified safety based evidence to confirm the gas distribution networks of Great Britain are suitable to transport 100% hydrogen. The evidence produced will be used to support the case for a GB hydrogen conversion.

Future Billing Methodology - 2016

Great Britain has relied predominantly on North Sea gas since the 1970s with regulations and the billing regime designed for this stable and reliable source of gas. The supply market is changing with more gases of differing qualities, such as biomethane, being injected into the network. The current billing methodology isn’t optimised to cater for significantly different quality gases. This project will develop options that may lead to new gas billing methodologies to better reflect the world of more varied gas qualities.

City CNG – 2015

A project to  build the UK’s first scalable city-based compressed natural gas fuelling station for back to depot city based vehicles. It will use a novel charging arrangement to recover the costs of the high pressure connection over time, and provide a proof of concept business case to enable future private sector investment.

Low Carbon Gas Preheating - 2013

A project to test new and emerging pre-heating technologies and associated operating systems.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 15th Aug 2014
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This is the Six Monthly Report, delivered by Northern Gas Networks on their Gas NIC project: Low Carbon Gas Preheating

  • Published: 13th Jan 2014
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This direction sets the conditions of funding for Northern Gas Networks’ Network Innovation Competition Project – Low Carbon Gas Preheating

  • Published: 29th Nov 2013
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These are all the non-confidential documents submitted by Northern Gas Networks to the Gas Network Innovation Competition for the project entitled Low Carbon Gas Preheating on which our decision is based.