Code Governance Review

Many of the technical and commercial rules and obligations that govern participation in Great Britain’s gas and electricity sector are set out in a series of multilateral codes and agreements.

Typically, network operators are obliged under their licences to put these codes in place.  Each code is designed to be capable of modification with the network operators, the signatories to the code and, in some cases, Consumer Focus and other interested parties about to raise modifications. The rules governing how these proposals must be assessed vary from code to code.

Both individually and collectively, the codes significantly impact on the shape and development of the gas and electricity sectors and, by extension on our ability to deliver competitive markets that best protect the consumer interest.

Our Code Governance Review project sought to improve the governance arrangements of these codes and reduce fragmentation. The first phase of this review implemented changes primarily to the gas Uniform Network Code, the Electricity Balancing and Settlement Code and the Connection Use of System Code. The second phase sought to extend the Code Governance Review outcomes to other industry codes and agreements.


Publications and updates

  • Published: 16th Dec 2010
  • Open letters and correspondence
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See the confirmation that National Grid intends to do a further review of UNC modification rules to address any remaining gaps between those rules and the CGR licence modifications post-implementation.

  • Published: 20th Sep 2010
  • Closed: 1st Nov 2010
  • Consultations and responses
  • 10 Associated documents
This consultation sets out proposed modifications to the electricity distribution standard licence conditions.

  • Published: 16th Sep 2010
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
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Invitation to an Ofgem Workshop on the Governance options for gas and electricity distribution connection charging methodologies.

  • Published: 12th Aug 2010
  • Closed: 27th Sep 2010
  • Consultations and responses
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See our open letter consultation: Potential Significant Code Reviews (SCRs).

  • Published: 5th Jul 2010
  • Decisions
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Ofgem has today directed licence modifications to give effect to its final proposals on the Code Governance Review.

  • Published: 31st Mar 2010
  • Closed: 12th May 2010
  • Consultations and responses
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This open letter consults on a draft Code Administration Code of Practice, which has been produced as part of the Code Governance Review.

  • Published: 31st Mar 2010
  • Decisions
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This document sets out our Final Proposals stemming from its Code Gode Governance Review.

  • Published: 31st Mar 2010
  • Closed: 12th May 2010
  • Consultations and responses
  • 6 Associated documents
These proposed licence modifications would give effect to our Code Governance Review Final Proposals.

  • Published: 27th Oct 2009
  • Closed: 8th Dec 2009
  • Consultations and responses
  • 15 Associated documents
Further to our CGR initial proposals published earlier this year, we have published illustrative drafting to show how those proposals could, if adopted, be implemented in licences. We invite comments by 8 December 2009.

  • Published: 26th Aug 2009
  • Closed: 9th Oct 2009
  • Consultations and responses
  • 18 Associated documents
Ofgem proposes to reform the governance of gas and electricity transmission charging methodologies, allowing materially affected parties to propose changes to those methodologies and improving upon existing levels of transparency and accountability.