Seasonal Performance Factor (for legacy heat pump applicants)

If you had a heat pump installed before scheme and are a ‘legacy applicant’ you will automatically be assigned a Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) of 2.5 (the lowest SPF value allowed – for more information, see Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF)open key term pop-up. This is because an SPF calculated using the MCS Heat Emitter Guide was not included in the calculations by your installer.

If you think your heat pump is likely to be more efficient and achieve a higher SPF value, then you can arrange for an MCS installer (this does not have to be the same installer who originally installed your heat pump) to conduct an assessment of your property and issue a new SPF figure using the Heat Pump SPF calculation template for Legacy applicants, which is based on the MCS Heat Emitter Guide. If you choose to have your heat pump assessed to obtain a new SPF, you will need to provide a copy of the Heat Pump SPF calculation template filled out by your installer. You must have the reassessment done before you apply, as it's not possible to have your heat pump SPF value changed after you’ve joined. The template should be sent to us after you have applied, so that we can check it against your application number.

Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF)

This is a measure of the renewable portion of a heat pump’s heat output used to calculate your Domestic RHI payments. More.