Our IT system can approve your application automatically, but in some cases we will need more information before we can come to a decision on its eligibility. When we need more information our IT system puts your application into review and sends it to one of our team who will contact you with a request for supporting evidence. In most cases you have up to 28 days to provide the requested information or your application may be rejected. Your payment will still be calculated from the date you applied, even if further information is asked for.
If your application is placed into review, we will contact you within five working days to inform you of this, and also let you know the reason why. You will also be able to see that your application is in review when you log into MyRHI.

We have produced a helpsheet specifically to give you guidance if your application is in review. It outlines the possible reasons for your application being in review, and the types of documentation or information we will ask you to provide us with. It lets you know which documents you can provide to us straightaway, and which documents we may need to ask you for during our review of your application.