Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) was a government grant scheme available for installing domestic renewable heating systems before the introduction of the Domestic RHI. RHPP funding took the form of a one-off grant to help households with the cost of installing a renewable heating system. Householders were able to apply for a voucher through the Energy Saving Trust, which they could then use to make a claim once they had installed the heating system.

RHPP funding was distributed in three ‘phases’; phase 1, phase 2, and phase 2 extension. Applicants with RHPP funding will be subject to a phased application schedule based on the date at which they applied for RHPP. Questions about RHPP should be addressed to the Energy Saving Trust, who were the administrators of the scheme.

Receiving RHPP does not automatically make you eligible for the Domestic RHI. Applicants with RHPP funding should first check the Product eligibility listopen key term pop-up to determine whether their product is eligible, and then refer to the ‘general eligibility checklist’ in the Essential guide for applicants in order to determine whether they meet the other eligibility criteria.

Applicants with RHPP who are accredited under the Domestic RHI will have the amount of funding they claimed deducted from their Domestic RHI payments. The funding deduction will be distributed evenly across their payments, and will be adjusted annually in accordance with RPI.


Product eligibility list

Among other requirements, your heating system must be a certain make, model and technology type to be eligible. We’ve listed these in a useful spreadsheet to reference before you purchase your product. More.