Refurbished equipment

The Domestic RHI is intended to support the installation of new equipment. Therefore, with the exception of certain components (referred to here and in the "Relevant parts" section below as "excepted components"), no part of the renewable heating system which generates heat may have been used before the heating system’s first commissioning date. This means that refurbished generating equipment (the equipment used to generate heat) will not be eligible for the Domestic RHI unless the equipment in question consists entirely of excepted components.

The parts of the heating system that are not considered to be heat generating equipment can have been used prior to the first commissioning date.

For a breakdown of which parts of the heating system are considered to be heat generating equipment and which are not, see the key term relevant parts.

Recommissioning an existing renewable heating system  

The Domestic RHI scheme is intended to support the installation of new equipment. All applications must therefore be submitted within 12 months of the plant’s first commissioning date. All parts of the plant must also have the same first commissioning date, which must be on or after 15 July 2009. Furthermore, no part of the plant which generates heat and which is not an excepted component – see relevant parts – can have been used before this first commissioning date.

In the event that a plant was commissioned by a non MCS-certified installer and now requires an MCS certificate to apply to the Domestic RHI scheme:

We can only accept applications to the Domestic RHI with a valid MCS Certificate. A MCS certified installer must supply, design, install, set to, commission and handover your renewable heating system. This is in line with MCS guidance.